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Young Trump

Young Trump happened while I was watching the 1985 "classic" Tomboy. I grew up in the 80's, those movies defined who I am today. I still love going back and watching them, ones I've seen and those I haven't. Tomboy was one I knew about and wanted to see as a kid, but somehow never did till just now. It's a near perfect blast of 80s-ness.

Anyways, as I was watching it, there was this rich, blond asshole antagonist character. (A common 80's trope.) At one point I thought, this guy sounds like Donald Trump and at almost the same instant the thought hit me to cut a fake reality show trailer with the Tomboy footage.

I now have the idea to continue the series with more 80's rich-blond-asshole types. So keep your eye out for more!

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